HL - Tracking

The system offered by our company is based on an electronic device that can be installed in any vehicle which includes a GPS receiver. Location of the vehicle’s exact position by satellite is achieved via GPS, while a GPRS communication link relays the exact geographical coordinates via SMS text message to any mobile phone.

The system includes:

  • A GPS/GPRS/GSM device that is installed in a hidden location within the vehicle or carried by a pet or human.
  • A GSM sim card


  • Can be installed in a vehicle (truck or automobile), motorcycle, boat, ski-doo, sea-doo, on pets and even children or elderly people
  • Low telecommunication fees
  • Small in size and very discreet
  • Lower vehicle insurance costs
  • Protection of your personal property
  • A great assistant to people with alzheimer's disease
  • Risk reduction of loss of pet or child
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